Probably the largest single problem encountered by the Legal fraternity in dealing with debtrecovery matters is this: Too many clients wait until it is too late before taking any form offaction. Whether one is dealing with relatives, friends, partners, business or commercialactivities; the tendency is for everyone to give too much latitude to debtors in manyscenarios.It is a regrettable fact that many people believe that by extending credit for anextended period of time is the most efficient way to maintain relationships: whether they bebusiness or personal, and that the relationship will continue as before.

Coopers Lawyers understand the importance of having an efficient and effective approach to debtrecovery in Melbourne. We offer a comprehensive debt recovery service that enables a speedy andeffective result.


Business Debt RecoveryIf your business is experiencing a client debt problem, or customers whorefuse to pay, or disputes over goods or services, we can assist you. We can leverage ourexperience & knowledge in business debt recovery helping you recover money owed to you bycustomers. From initial demand letters through to litigation and enforcement, we have a provensuccess ratio.

Debt Collection from Individuals to Multi-nationalsCoopers Lawyers have recovered large sumsfor many satisfied clients: ranging from debt collection for individuals to debt collections fornational and multi-national corporations, as well as debt collection agencies. We can assist youwith all aspects of your situation: From negotiations, drafting statements of claim and othercourt documents, drafting and advising upon credit forms and terms of trade, as well asrepresenting you in court.


How we ensure your debt is paidThere are several methods that we use to ensure you collectyourmoney. They include:

Skip tracing and field callsLetters of demandAlternate disputeresolutionMediationSuing for thedebtSeizing your debtor's goods and sellingthem at auctionForcing your debtors to attend apublic examination at court where they arequestioned on their assets and liabilitiesGarnishingtheir wagesBankrupting yourdebtorWinding up your debtor's companyRegistration of a caveat on thedebtor'slandCredit Agreements – Protecting You, Protecting Your DebtsThefundamentalpremise of successful debt recovery is that prevention is better than cure.Therefore, we workwith our clients to review and rework their Credit Agreements, processes &terms of trade.We have also proved that this cost-effective and simple approach deliversresults. A correctlystructured Agreement can save you vast sums in future ligation.


Where money is owed to you and all attempts at debt collection have thus far provedunfruitful,it may be possible to proceed to litigation and commence court proceedings to recoverwhat isowed to you. In many cases, the complexity and time inefficiencies surroundingproceedings isenough to convince a debtor to settle the matter.

Coopers works predominately for creditors in litigation proceedings and has extensiveexperiencein obtaining judgment and seeking enforcement of judgement debts at competitive fixedfee rates. The Magistrates Court of Victoria has jurisdiction to hear matters that do not exceed$100,000 AUand majority of debt recovery proceedings are issued in the Magistrates Court.

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