Our experienced team is able to offer the following property conveyancing services:

  • Purchase & sale of real estate
  • Financing advice for both borrowers and lenders
  • Leasing
  • Land and strata subdivision


Our Property Lawyers can help!

We can assist clients wishing to acquire or dispose, mortgage, hire, lease or license a wide range of property whether it is personal or business. On any outright disposal of property we act for either vendor or purchaser. Specifically, our property lawyers can assist you with:

  • All forms of conveyancing
  • All forms of mortgage whether chattels or real property
  • Advising on easements, covenants and associated disputes
  • Commercial, industrial or retail leases
  • Developments
  • Due Diligence
  • Land and Environment Court Appeals and Applications
  • Sale of Goods
  • Sale or Purchase of real property including Strata Title
  • Sale or Purchase of a business or shares in a business
  • Sales or Leasing of plant and equipment
  • Strata Title disputes

Clients sometimes do not fully appreciate that their major assets are tied up in Property: whether it be a home/s or commercial and industrial real estate. In an attempt to save on fees, there has in recent times been a movement towards conveyancers in the residential property market. Fees have now reduced to such an extent that one needs to consider: How can they do it for the asking price, whilst providing the requisite care and skill to fully protect either vendor or purchaser?

At the end of the day, conveyancing is all about Title. If Title is not correctly transferred, then the costs that could be incurred to remedy the situation could be very high indeed.

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